Wash West

Dr. Jerkoff & Mr. Hard, classic Wash West horror porn parody thumbnail

Director Wash West has a new (non-porn) movie in theaters, The Last of Robin Hood, so we thought we'd celebrate some of his distant porn parody past. In 1997, Wash West directed Dr. Jerkoff & Mr. Hard, a new take on the classic horror tale Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The plot [...]

The Duck Dynasty – Gay Porn Connection

The Duck Dynasty – Gay Porn Connection thumbnail

First off, someone better be working on Duck Dynasty: The Gay Porn Parody as we speak. In the wake of Phil Robertson's GQ interview -- BREAKING NEWS! 67-year-old Louisiana bible-thumper doesn't like the homasekshuls! -- sites like Buzzfeed and Queerty have dredged up the sordid gay pornish background of Duck Dynasty executive producer Scott Gurney. [...]