Jet Set Men

Dick Day Afternoon – Jet Set Men classic restored thumbnail

So much porn history would be lost if not for the big video-on-demand sites. The economics of the Long Tail makes it feasible to keep all manner of bizarre niche titles and decades-old classics (and non-classics) in circulation. Case in point -- Gay Hot Movies has revived Dick Day Afternoon, a 2004 Jet Set Men [...]

America’s Next Hot Bottom

America’s Next Hot Bottom thumbnail

After last year's MMA-themed The Ultimate Top (spoofing The Ultimate Fighter), Jet Set Men returns with another reality competion show porn parody: America's Next Hot Bottom. The not-at-all-surprising porn parody twist: "In this version the boys do more than just model their hot asses, they use their hot asses and hard cocks to entertain as [...]

Jet Set Men seems to be the only gay studio making parodies these days. Fortunately they're very good at it. New in stores: The Ultimate Top, a XXX parody of The Ultimate Fighter. Blurb: "Starring Kris Jamieson and nine other stacked guys who sign up to become The Ultimate Top, the fighters are split into [...]

21 Hump Street – trailer, poster, stills thumbnail

Jet Set Men riffs on the Channing Tatum/Jonah Hill high school undercover flick 21 Jump Street, itself based on the old Johnny Depp TV series, in 21 Hump Street. The studio posted a SFW YouTube trailer to build some buzz: Directed by the great Chris Steele. Starring Riley Price and Jason Goodman in the leads, [...]

To Fuck A Predator: Gangbang

To Fuck A Predator: Gangbang thumbnail

Jet Set Men presents To Fuck A Predator: Gangbang, the even wronger sequel to last year's so wrong smash To Fuck a Predator.

Jet Set Men has finished shooting 21 Hump Street, a porn parody of 21 Jump Street.

Tosh.Hole from Jet Set Men

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UPDATE! Tosh.Hole is now in stock & shipping at our DVD store! Jet Set Men has released the safe-for-work trailer for its upcoming porn parody Tosh.Hole. Looks good! Pre-orders now available! Details from Jet Set Men: Director Chris Steele recreates the clip-driven comedy show’s backhanded “I love cock, but I’m not gay” humor while [...]

Anthony’s Weener

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The highly anticipated Anthony Weiner scandal gay porn parody from Jet Set Men has arrived on DVD.

To Fuck a Predator – Jet Set Men

To Fuck a Predator – Jet Set Men thumbnail

Jet Set Men unveils a a dangerous new reality TV gay porn parody. Why don't you take a seat right over here and check it out.

Jersey Score 2 from Jet Set Men

Jersey Score 2 from Jet Set Men thumbnail

Jet Set Men returns with a Jersey Shore gay porn parody sequel. The Guidos are back and this time they're in Hollywood!