Harry Potter

Larry Cotter and the Wizard of Ahhs – Harry Potter gay porn parody thumbnail

Harry Potter has been a popular gay porn parody target. (Strangely enough, there's never been a straight porn parody of Harry Potter, though as of this writing there's one in the works.) Maybe the strangest installment was Larry Cotter And The Wizard Of Ahhs from 2006. Which book had the tropical beach threesome scene again? [...]

Fucking Harry Palmer XXX Parody

Fucking Harry Palmer XXX Parody thumbnail

The final Harry Potter movie hit theaters over the summer.
Boy Crush and Saggerz Skaterz paid tribute with a magical new gay porn parody.

Harry Squatter And the Sorcerer’s Bone thumbnail

Everyone loves Harry Potter, and there have been a bunch of porn parodies over the years. This one dates back to 2002.

Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls 3D XXX thumbnail

The Harry Potter megafranchise gets the gay porn parody treatment from Dominic Ford in the first ever 3D gay porn feature film.