Green Lantern Is Gay: a XXX Parody

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New from Manville ... Green Lantern Is Gay: A XXX Parody starring Spencer Fox as the legendary DC superhero. The official studio plot summary: "Love and romance collide with evil as the cosmic battle between the Green Lanterns and the diabolical Penillax makes its way to earth! Test pilot Hal Hardon is the recipient of [...]

The Duck Dynasty – Gay Porn Connection

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First off, someone better be working on Duck Dynasty: The Gay Porn Parody as we speak. In the wake of Phil Robertson's GQ interview -- BREAKING NEWS! 67-year-old Louisiana bible-thumper doesn't like the homasekshuls! -- sites like Buzzfeed and Queerty have dredged up the sordid gay pornish background of Duck Dynasty executive producer Scott Gurney. [...]

The Indecent Proposal premise translates perfectly to gay porn parody. You're a straight married guy with bills to pay -- would you spend one night with a gay millionaire guy for one million dollars? Vivid Man went there in Indecent Proposition. Starring Chuck Barron, Randy White, Mitch Taylor, Aaron Austin and Dallas Taylor. Directed by [...]

Ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s filed a lawsuit against porn studio Caballero over a series of porn DVDs which spoof B&J's flavors and packaging. The suit claims Caballero’s DVD releases represent “blatant and outrageous copying and misappropriation of the Ben & Jerry’s intellectual property”. Caballero's series of "Ben & Cherry's" DVDs include nine straight [...]

Reservoir Dicks from Men.com

Relatively new pornsite Men.com has contributed to the field of gay porn parody with Reservoir Dicks, a tribute to Quentin Tarantino's talky gangsta joint Reservoir Dogs. There's no DVD; it's available exclusively inside the Men.com members area. Check out the widescreen Reservoir Dicks trailer here (on its own page because it's just too big). We [...]

Larry Cotter and the Wizard of Ahhs – Harry Potter gay porn parody thumbnail

Harry Potter has been a popular gay porn parody target. (Strangely enough, there's never been a straight porn parody of Harry Potter, though as of this writing there's one in the works.) Maybe the strangest installment was Larry Cotter And The Wizard Of Ahhs from 2006. Which book had the tropical beach threesome scene again? [...]


RoboCop gets the gay XXX porn parody treatment in RoboCock from Brazilian director Cristian Ferrero. Come quietly or there will be trouble.

Dynastud – Dynasty XXX

Dynastud – Dynasty XXX thumbnail

HIS Video paid tribute to the primetime soaper Dynasty with a 1986 porn parody followed by two sequels.

Raw and Raw 2 – XXX Saw spoofs

The original Saw was surprisingly clever but not my idea of sexy. Saggerz Skaterz Studios took the dungeon torture puzzle horror flick as inspiration for its mild BDSM twink porn parody Raw starring Miles Pride, Carson Diamond, Chris Martinson, Krist Cummings, Kevin Grey, Angel Kelly and Rad Matthews. I personally like to keep sharp edges [...]

Caballero has been around for nearly 40 years. Recently they've started recycling their vast smut library into budget-priced 20-hour compilations with Wacky Packages-style product parody box covers. Why? Why not? We can't vouch for the DVD content, but some of the box covers are amusing. One series spoofs famous breakfast cereals. (Click on the box [...]