The Twinklight Chronicles

Cute fuckable vampires were all the rage for a while there. The craze might have died down a bit, but GayLife Network and director Afton Nills are keeping their blood-tingling Twinklight franchise alive.

The latest installment is The Twinklight Chronicles, starring Mark Winters, Conner Bradley, Johnny Sky, Jason Alcok, Harry Cox, Wily Ryden, Carson Evans, Kane Hansen, Giovanni Lovell and Shawn Fox.


From the blurb: “Vulnerable mortal boys are helpless to resist the vampires’ glamouring stares, sharp fangs, and hard cocks!”

The title of The Twinklight Chronicles evokes not just Twilight (of course) but also Anne Rice’s classic “Vampire Chronicles” series. And not surprisingly, there’s a new cinch-blockbuster movie reboot of Rice’s Interview With the Vampire in the works, with many sequels planned no doubt.

The first two films in the Twinklight gay porn parody series were Twinklight (2010) …


… and Twinklight Vampire Diary (2013) …


… both of which are perennial favorites in our world-renowned Gay Porn Parody Theater.