Dick Day Afternoon – Jet Set Men classic restored

So much porn history would be lost if not for the big video-on-demand sites. The economics of the Long Tail makes it feasible to keep all manner of bizarre niche titles and decades-old classics (and non-classics) in circulation.

Case in point — Gay Hot Movies has revived Dick Day Afternoon, a 2004 Jet Set Men porn parody of Dog Day Afternoon.

I did not know this movie existed. It never occurred to me to check if anyone ever made a porn parody of Dog Day Afternoon. How strange and wonderful. And here it is, ten years later, ready to stream.


All the sex scenes take place in an actual bank. Sex propped against the deposit slip station, sex behind the bulletproof teller window, sex in the safety deposit box room. Did Jet Set Men build a whole bank set? Or did they rent out an abandoned bank branch for a day or two? I have no idea.

Directed by Dylan Ryan, starring Marcus Iron, Rod Barry, Brad Benton, Paolo Cortez, Trayce Cannon, Jason Clydesdale and Ashton Sorrensen.

At-Ti-Ca! At-Ti-Ca! At-Ti-Ca! At-Ti-Ca!