Real House Husbands of Miami

The Real Housewives franchise is such a natural porn parody target, it’s a surprise there aren’t more.

Newish studio Phoenixxx presents The Real House Husbands of Miami with five scenes of sun-drenched drama-filled lust.


The back cover blurb explains the premise: “Angel, Sean, Joey and Alexander are all living the high priced lifestyle in hot and beautiful Miami, thanks to the support of their wealthy wives. These four married men keep busy with Miami’s sizzling social scene and a jam packed schedule of charity events and fundraising galas, but there’s one thing that brings them all together … they’re GAY.”

In other words, exactly like the real shows with one small difference.

Going back a few years, GPP presented Desperate Househusbands and a sequel. In the sequel, the rich wives got suspicious and hired a private detective. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to these Miami dudes. It doesn’t look like they’re being very discreet.

Gay Porn Parody eagerly looks forward to Real Househusbands of Orange County, Real Househusbands of Atlanta, etc. Get cracking, pornographers.