Super Barrio Brothers

Super Mario Brothers is a classic 1985 Nintendo videogame that launched a franchise still going strong today.

Super Barrio Brothers is a bizarre 2006 porn parody flick from studio Urban Latino.

Super Barrio Brothers - XXX gay Mario porn parody

Super Barrio Brothers – XXX gay Mario porn parody

Here’s the premise: “Two young plumbers, Mario and Luigi Barrio struggle to stay independent from Koopa Utilities Empire. Then one fiery summer day the Barrio Bros. get an urgent call from Rick and Mack. The nasty Koopa has raised the temperature in their apartment to unbearable degrees, just to watch them sweat and the young men can’t turn off the heat!”

Starring Gustavo Viva (“lively and happy-go-lucky” according to the box cover) as Mario, and Flash (“smoldering and super macho”) as Luigi. The overheated apartment dwellers are played by Babyface (“gorgeous Puerto Rican newcomer”) and The Destroyer (“beefy moreno”).

Double entendre tagline: “They Know How To Fix Your Plumbing!”

Aside from brightly colored hats and tank tops, there’s not much parody content here. But this is the best Super Mario Brothers gay porn parody we’re likely to get.