RoboCop gets the porn parody treatment in RoboCock from Brazil-based Icaro Studios and director Cristian Ferrero. Come quietly or there will be … trouble.

RoboCock - Cristian Ferrero gay xxx porn parody

RoboCock – Cristian Ferrero gay xxx porn parody

The promo blurb sounds very sci-fi — “In the future, the men are the majority and have to fight against the evildoers of society. The only solution: to create an indestructible soldier. But its creators discover that this machine also has another use, it gives pleasure!” And you can tell from the box cover that they spent a lot of money on the cyborg costume.

Starring Ricco Puentes, Tiago De Castro, Lucas Leal, Michael Bittencourt, Juan Navarro and several one-name newbies.