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So much porn history would be lost if not for the big video-on-demand sites. The economics of the Long Tail makes it feasible to keep all manner of bizarre niche titles and decades-old classics (and non-classics) in circulation. Case in point -- Gay Hot Movies has revived Dick Day Afternoon, a 2004 Jet Set Men [...]

Real House Husbands of Miami

The Real Housewives franchise is such a natural porn parody target, it's a surprise there aren't more. Newish studio Phoenixxx presents The Real House Husbands of Miami with five scenes of sun-drenched drama-filled lust. The back cover blurb explains the premise: "Angel, Sean, Joey and Alexander are all living the high priced lifestyle in hot [...]

It's about damn time someone made a Ferris Bueller's Day Off porn parody. That's what we think. It's such a natural, we're shocked to discover that it's never been done. Until now! BoyCrush presents Jasper Robinson's Day Off: A XXX Parody, starring one Jasper Robinson. Tagline: One boy’s fight for freedom & the perfect fuck! [...]

The popstar lookalike porn parody is one of our very favorite genres. Justin Bieber has been a frequent target because, well just look at him, plus he deserves it for being such a douche all the time. Now Staxus has released a pair of One Direction lookalike gay porn parodies, cleverly titled One Erection and [...]

Back in 2012, Boy Crush celebrated Justin Bieber's 18th birthday with the gay porn parody Bustin Beeber: Never Say Never. Now they're back with Bustin Beeber 2: Never Say Never (Again!), again (!) starring twink idol lookalike Kyler Moss in the title role. Tagline: "All your hottest BEEBER fantasies come true!" Blurb: "Superstar Bustin Beeber [...]

Green Lantern Is Gay: a XXX Parody

New from Manville ... Green Lantern Is Gay: A XXX Parody starring Spencer Fox as the legendary DC superhero. The official studio plot summary: "Love and romance collide with evil as the cosmic battle between the Green Lanterns and the diabolical Penillax makes its way to earth! Test pilot Hal Hardon is the recipient of [...]

First off, someone better be working on Duck Dynasty: The Gay Porn Parody as we speak. In the wake of Phil Robertson's GQ interview -- BREAKING NEWS! 67-year-old Louisiana bible-thumper doesn't like the homasekshuls! -- sites like Buzzfeed and Queerty have dredged up the sordid gay pornish background of Duck Dynasty executive producer Scott Gurney. [...]

Superhero movie parodies are just about the last sure thing in porn. And the tale of young Peter Parker, who discovers his body is changing and starts shooting sticky excretions everywhere, is a XXX natural. The only surprise about Web of Sperm: A XXX Parody is what took them so long. Released by Staxus, directed [...]

Boy Crush studio weighs in on a burning sociopolitical issue of the day: the Boy Scouts of America organization's continuing ban on gay scouts and scoutmasters. Twink Scouts: A XXX Parody imagines the BSA bigwigs' worst nightmare, as lax enforcement of the gay ban and lax supervision on a camping trip allows a totally unauthorized [...]

Super Barrio Brothers

Super Mario Brothers is a classic 1985 Nintendo videogame that launched a franchise still going strong today. Super Barrio Brothers is a bizarre 2006 porn parody flick from studio Urban Latino. Here's the premise: "Two young plumbers, Mario and Luigi Barrio struggle to stay independent from Koopa Utilities Empire. Then one fiery summer day the [...]